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I am the Duchess of Dongs, the Princess of Peen, the Countess of Cock, the Mistress of Members. My name is Kristen and I like Varric Tethras more than I should.
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okay i’m gonna go lay down and cry a bit excuse me



oh great now i think i’m sick


Drink pineapple juice and do some minor exercising. That usually helps me recover more quickly.

how about i eat my weight in saltwater taffy and watch tv instead

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make it stooooop [whines]

make it stooooop [whines]

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oh great now i think i’m sick

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Seriously your writing is making my night oh dear lord it's both helping and hurting my craving for this game at the same time because it's just so good :O!


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Team Terrible Hairstyles — Sera, Solas, Cole

"Cole, a moment, if you don’t mind…"


"*hums quietly*"

"Oy, leave it alone.”


"Honestly, Sera, we could learn so much about the Fade if we just —"

"You’re gonna piss the demon off, poking it like that, you git.”

"I’m not a —"

"Quiet, please!"

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Team Facial Hair — Blackwall, Dorian, Iron Bull

"Say, Blackwall…"


"I have been wondering, about the beard?"

"…What about it?"

"It’s quite magnificent. Do you groom it?"

"…Usually, no."

"Oh. Shame. What about you, Bull?"


"Ah, I thought not…"

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i really want to interact with the fandom and just be able to talk to people and stuff like you do but i don't draw or write and i feel like i don't bring anything into the fandom so why bother ;-; also, socialising is scary... help?

Because, darling Nonny, you might not draw and you might not write but you are who the artists and writers are creating for — you are the audience!

You are, in my personal opinion, one of the most important elements to the fandom! Without people like you, who reblog and like and comment on all our work, we artists wouldn’t draw and we writers wouldn’t write! So don’t you ever feel worthless in a fandom just because you aren’t creating! You can still offer valuable opinions and engage in meta discussions with others!


In short —

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decisions, decisions..



decisions, decisions..


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My first giveaway on tumblr *c*

You can win one messenger bag from the ones available in BlueRobotto’s shop (Check out the shop for more pics and the description of each bag)


1 person will be randomly selected as winner from the notes in this post.  The winner will chose 1 bag from the ones available and it will be sent to them without charge.

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Things to consider:

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The givaway will end on saturday september 20th, at 10:00 PM Central America time.

Good luck to everyone who participates :D

You can also contact BlueRobotto on twitter @bluerobotto if you want to ask anything.

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Now available at Zazzle and RedBubble! 
With your trusty dwarf at your side, what could possibly go wrong?


Now available at Zazzle and RedBubble

With your trusty dwarf at your side, what could possibly go wrong?

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Could I ask for Iris/Iron Bull in Skyhold's library? Please?

Books, generally speaking, bore him. Even if he could read, stories and novels were nothing compared to the real adventure that awaits outside the Skyhold’s walls. Not even Varric’s tales were enough to hold his attention despite how colorful they are.

But she likes books.

So he finds himself slipping into the library more often, ignoring the shelves of dusty, boring tomes in favor of something much more interesting. Trying to hide his bulk behind a shelf, the massive qunari watches her take armfuls of novels off the shelf. Despite his respect for her, the letch in him can’t help but stare at the round curve of her backside as she stretches on tiptoes to reach a book on a higher shelf.

And in his enthusiasm, he loses his balance, pitches forward, and promptly knocks over a shelf.

With an almighty crash that practically shakes the floor, the shelf topples forward, knocks into two others, and all three come tumbling to the floor. A very embarrassed Bull lies sprawled atop them, with Iris standing just outside of the danger zone, looking completely shocked.

"Bull!" she cries, dropping her books and rushing forward to help him to his feet.

With a growl, the massive qunari pushes himself off the fallen bookcase and suddenly realizes she is very close indeed, with a concerned look on her face. “I… Ah…” Suddenly, all of his albeit limited vocabulary is gone, replaced with an emptiness in the back of his skull.

Smiling gently, Iris reaches up and lifts a book dangling from his horn. Gingerly, she tosses the book onto the pile beside them. “What are you doing here? Books aren’t really your thing, are they?”

"No… Truth be told, I…  I can’t read." He mutters the last part and looks away.

"Because of the eye?"

"Nah, I couldn’t read before that. The Qun doesn’t give warriors much education beyond how to lift a sword.”

"I could teach you."

Her sudden altruism shocks the Bull. Blinking his one good eye in surprise, he looks up at her, and a little smile tugs at the corner of his lip. “I’d like that, my lady.”

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deliciouspineapple replied to your post: today is apparently a ‘write a lot of …

Cassanndra and Iron Bull arguing over something trivial would be funnnnn

"I saw you!"

"Shut your fat mouth, qunari!"

"Not until you admit it!"

"Get away from me!”

"Hey hey, what’s all the fuss, Seeker?"

"Mind your own damn business, Varric!"

"I caught her trying to steal all your books from the Skyhold library."

"Why, Seeker, I’m flattered!

"…Maker help me, Bull, I’ll strangle you!”

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today is apparently a ‘write a lot of silly dialogue’ day